VISA Debit Card

VISA CheckCardLooks like a credit card, works like a check. The debit card eliminates the need for checks or cash to make purchases anywhere you find the VISA logo on a point-of-sale terminal. Markets, restaurants, gas stations, shops and stores everywhere regularly accept debit cards. The purchase is debited directly from your OMSEFCU checking account with the merchant's name and address appearing on your statement for reference. Just remember to record the transactions in your register as you would a check purchase.

The VISA Debit Card also offers you the same fast and easy convenience of an ATM card, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You can make cash withdrawals of up to $500 per day (subject to your available account balance or Opt-In for Visa Debit Card and ATM Overdraft Protection) at ATMs worldwide. Click here for a list of non-surcharge ATM locations.

In addition, you can view all your VISA Debit Card transactions online via our Mobile App, Internet Banking and Card Valet service. It's safe, easy and very, very convenient! Call or text us at (909) 983-1959 for an application or email us for more information.

Visa Debit Card and ATM Overdraft Protection
Opting-in your VISA Debit Card with PayAssure avoids the hassle of declined VISA ® Debit Card transactions or you can get cash from the ATM even when funds are not available. Opting-In your Visa Debit Card protects against those embarrassing situations that can cause stress or negatively impact your credit and covers debit card transactions up to your limit.   Click here to opt-in!

For your security, please sign the back panel of your card immediately. To protect you from unauthorized use of your card, your card must be activated. To activate and set a PIN, simply call 800-992-3808 and follow the prompts.