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Members may electronically wire funds into or out of their OMSEFCU accounts. To wire funds to another institution, you must (1) provide us with the receiving institution’s wire instructions and (2) sign a wire authorization form at our office (for your protection, telephone or fax requests are not allowed).

If you are wiring funds to your OMSEFCU account, our wire instructions are as follows:

  • Institution Name: Corporate America Credit Union
  • Institution Location: Irondale, AL
  • ABA #: 262090120
  • Credit: OMSEFCU
  • Acct: 322280427
  • Final Credit: Member Name
  • Member Account #: Member’s Account Number and Suffix

Generally speaking, domestic wires placed before 12:30 pm PST are received by 3:30 pm PST on the same business day. Wire requests received after 1:00 pm PST will not be sent until the following business morning. All wire requests received by 1:00 pm are placed on the day that the request is received, however, the credit union has no control over the delivery date and makes no assurances regarding the date or time of delivery. There is a $20 fee for domestic wires and a $35 fee for foreign wires. No fee is assessed for incoming wires.