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The safety and security of our members' financial information is of the utmost importance to OMSEFCU. We utilize numerous safeguards on our website to ensure your online interactions with us are protected. OMSEFCU will never ask you for your pin, login credentials or private account information - to help keep your account secure don't share your private account information with anyone.

From phishing attacks to phone scams, beware of fraudsters! An OMSEFCU employee will NEVER ask you for your username and password. Phone numbers can be "spoofed" making them appear to come from one place when they actually originate somewhere else. Be cautious of fraudsters attempting to impersonate an OMSEFCU employee who APPEARS to be calling from our phone number.

Take control of your debit and credit cards by enrolling in CardValet®. CardValet® from Fiserv helps you control your cards through your mobile device, making it easy to set alerts and manage your finances on the go. You can learn more and download the app on our CardValet page. 

Making sure the credit union has your most up-to-date cell phone number is highly recommended. Below is a list of important phone numbers for your Visa Debit and Credit Cards:

Lost or Stolen VISA Debit Cards
(800) 472-3272
Lost or Stolen VISA Credit Cards
(855) 284-3957
Dispute a transaction on VISA Debit Card
(844) 880-0730
Verify a debit or credit transaction
(800) 262-2024

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